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QuoteMy attitude toward math hasn't changed that much except for the fact that know I can appreciate how some people, like yourself can have such a passion for mathematics. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteHopefully I'll be able to tell my children how fun and interesting this class was and more importantly how much I learned about what mathematics really is. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteWhen I first heard you say that math "was beautiful" I thought you were a little strange. However, now after experiencing what math can really do mentally and physically, I can say that math is beautiful when you are taught right. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThese ideas of math are part of everyday life, but society doesn't take in the true meaning and significance of math. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteMath can be fun and exciting if you teach students to "understand" something rather than just memorizing it. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThank you for this wonderful class and experience. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThe first thing I noticed as I walked into room were the benches. Already I was put at ease because the traditional '5th grade' desks were not there. Then when we were handed the survey and I was some of the questions regarding our feelings about math, I vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteBut like I have told you I would have rather taken tests. Nothing against you or the class that is just my preference. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteI really like the way this class is set up this semester. I like working things out with people at my table. We work well together which helps. I do wish that the Professor would teach a little bit more, but then again, I don't know what he could because vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThis class reminds me somewhat of my high school math classes. In high school I never understood what the teacher was talking about. So during class I would look at the lesson in the book and teach myself. I didn't mind doing this. That's when I liked mat vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThe Math in this class is something I've never experienced in any other Math class. Most of my Math classes were always problems with numbers that a calculator could figure out. There were never problems that involved much thinking. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThis math class, much to my surprise is very different. My views and hopes are slowly changing about math. I now feel a little more confident in my abilities. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteFor a guy who is reluctant to give math a chance I must admit that classes like Mathematical Explorations help broaden the minds of students like myself. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThe lack of tests and homework in this class is a refreshing change. I am used to studying page after page of formulas and tables in math class. But this class is different and I like it. When math is shoved down my throat I cannot learn. The "pressure th vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteIt was a nice break from the do-it-know-it-or-fail type math course in high school or any other arithmetic course. Granted, I have to know these skills and be able to do them without much difficulty. But it was good to be able to take a course that reall vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteYou've shown how someone can see beauty and passion in mathematics. Your passion for mathematics really is inspiring considering the fact that most of my past math teachers didn't really care. They didn't have that fire in their eyes that you have. You wa vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteI now appreciate my father's intellect for being an engineer. I used to think he was boring for knowing all this math, but I now see that his thought process goes well beyond just numbers. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteWhen I first came to class in the beginning of the year you were always talking about how math was so beautiful. When I heard you say this I was like, what is this guy talking about? But as the year went on I started to think about the beauty of math more vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteWhen our class began doing work in Chapter 11 [Discovering the Art of Mathematics - The Infinite], I thought I was in hell. Your handout was much more difficult than the book [Mathematics: A Human Endeavor by Harold Jacobs]. At that point, although it wa vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteOne of the most surprising things about this class is that I actually like being here, which is weird because every other math class that I have ever had has sucked and been boring. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteI do like the fact that this class isn't boring. I tend to want to understand the work because I can't get into something if I am not actually doing it. When professors teach math generally they show you how to do something on the board when half the clas vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteThis is who I was meant to beIt all started in the beginning with Mobius bands,When we began using everyday math with our hands.It instantly opened up my perspectives on how I view life,For the first time I felt a sense of sharpness, like a knife.I honest vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteIf ever in the future I meet a mathematician I won't say something corny like I can't balance my checkbook. vecke05 years 8 months ago
QuoteMath was never exactly my favorite class,The homework, tests, and exams seemed to always kick my ass.I understood the multiplying, dividing, adding and subtractingBut all the formulas have never been too attracting.Cram as much into your brain the night b vecke05 years 8 months ago
Quote...To be completely honest I wish my other classes challenged me as much as this course did. Although I did have certain courses challenge me at different times, this was the only course where I was being consistently challenged... I'm really thankful t vecke05 years 8 months ago