July, 2009 Report

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 8:00am

We are happy to report that we were awarded \$ 150,000 by the National Science Foundation through a Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement grant. We are also happy to report that we received a gift of \$ 45,000 from Mr. Harry Lucas (Chair of the Educational Advancement Foundation) to support our work on inquiry based learning more generally through the newly established Project PRIME. This latter grant will also support our work on "Discovering the Art of Mathematics."

We have updated information on "Discovering the Art of Mathematics" and Project PRIME on our web site.

Unfortunately, we received official notification of the NSF award in the beginning of June, some seven months after the expected date. Hence, our project is starting somewhat behind schedule. In the coming weeks will be readjusting our schedule and will post more information. Briefly, the delay will preclude any materials being available for Fall, 2009 external beta testing. However, for Spring, 2010 we expect to have significant materials ready for external testing in the following areas:

Infinite, Geometry, Games and Puzzles, Music and Dance, Patterns, and Reasoning.

As you think about course materials and scheduling for Spring, 2010 and beyond, please keep these in mind.