DAoM hosting MAA session at the Joint Math Meetings on "Using Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics for Liberal Arts", San Diego, Jan 2013.

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Monday, October 1, 2012 - 8:00am

Call for MAA Contributed Papers: Using Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Courses, organized by Julian F. Fleron, Volker Ecke, Philip K. Hotchkiss, and Christine von Renesse, Westfield State University; Friday morning.

One of the biggest challenges in Mathematics for Liberal Arts (MLA) courses is engaging the students with the mathematics, since these courses are generally terminal courses that usually are not connected to their major. Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), a student-centered approach to teaching where the students are encouraged to learn mathematics without reliance on direct instruction from an authority, has shown to be a successful way to engage this audience.

In this session we are interested in seeing innovative ways of integrating IBL techniques into MLA courses. We are interested in presentations that model a successful activity that was used in an inquiry-based MLA course. In particular, presentations should illustrate the following: how the students were engaged in the mathematics; the specific questions/problems on which the students were working; how the class period was structured, and how the students responded to this type of instruction. Sponsored by PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Undergraduate Mathematics Studies. Papers from the session may be considered for a special issue of PRIMUS on Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Courses.

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